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Chiropractic care is a great option for recovering from injuries. Automobile accidents can have long-term effects that prevent your body from working properly if you don’t receive proper treatment. The majority of medical facilities, including the emergency room, are not trained in the detection of a common issue that has the potential to permanently impact your life.

This is where we come in.

Placing You In Good Hands

We understand that these accidents come with a lot of paperwork, doctor’s appointments, and conversations with insurance companies. The process can be painful, emotionally stressful, and mentally exhausting. When you visit us, you’ll have a better experience. We’re going to make sure you recover and help you get your body back to it’s natural state in a way that’s convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, these types of injuries often go untreated, and patients are usually at the mercy of medication and a limited lifestyle as long as they live. Visiting us will help you get back to the way you were before your accident, relieve pain, and avoid harmful medication.

What Our Patients Say:

Lexington's Trusted Option For Injury Treatment

Dr. Christian works with some of the leading personal injury attorneys in the area as well as some of the most established professionals in this field. Additionally, we’ve treated many patients with auto injuries, and helped them get back to their healthiest and best lifestyle. If you’ve been in an accident, please give us a call and see if we can answer any questions you may have.

In fact, Chiropractic care is the only proven effective treatment for certain automobile-related neck injuries

Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 1999

For Attorneys:

If you’re looking for one of your clients, you should check in with us. In addition to providing your clients with the solution they need, the injury that most offices miss has the potential to be five times more valuable than a disc bulge on an MRI. If you’ve been in an accident, it would be great idea to set up an appointment with us and let us check on your body’s condition. Click the button below and you’ll be all set!

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