What we do

Our office provides care of all types. We believe that our main duty is to help you reach your goals and offer an amazing experience in the process. 

Chiropractic care focuses on getting the body to align and operate properly, and this has many benefits.  

We treat some patients because they're in pain, and others simply because they want to look better, feel better, and live better. Whatever your goals, we'll help you get where you want to be.  

Corrective chiropractic care

We practice corrective chiropractic care, which means our process contributes to your health and wellness as a whole. Here are a few practices we use to get to get you on the right track: 

Postural corrective exercises

Exercises that work to correct and strengthen the muscles responsible for your posture

Postural corrective adjustments

Adjustments performed to correct your spine's position back to it's natural state

Corrective traction

A technique used to relieve stress and tension of the spine

These are some methods we use to treat a condition called subluxation, which is extremely common and can lead to issues like pain, fatigue, and early degeneration. Properly treating subluxation works to boost your immune system and slow down your body's aging process. 

What to expect on your first visit

When you arrive at Elevate for the first time, you'll be taken care of right away by our exceptional staff. After a small amount of paperwork, someone from the team will ask you some questions and take a look at your condition to get a better understanding of you, your situation, and your goals. 

Once this is done, Dr. Christian will meet with you and put together a plan to bring your overall health and wellness to the next level. 

You'll then start your first treatment as an Elevate patient! This includes adjustments, stretches, exercises, and more. 

The team will let you know what needs to be done to reach your goals, so all you'll need to do after this is simply follow through with your plan.