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The treatments provided by chiropractic professionals benefit millions of Americans every year. Though you probably associate the work that these dedicated professionals do with helping people suffering from back and neck pain, there are many other conditions that chiropractic can help with. Among these areas that chiropractic professionals help with is knee pain. Countless Americans suffer from knee pain and there are a variety of reasons why this is the case. The causes of this pain can range from issues such as strained tendons to arthritis. Regardless of the reason, knee pain is an issue that causes many people to have a reduced quality of life. It is for this reason that the services provided by chiropractors in the treatment of knee pain are so valuable to those who are dealing with this issue in their day-to-day lives. Our chiropractic professionals here at Elevate Chiropractic and Wellness Center routinely provide treatment for the knee pain that our patients come to us with here in the Lexington area. 

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How Does Chiropractic Help Knee Pain?

There are some key ways that chiropractic treatment can help you with the knee pain that you are suffering from. Choosing chiropractic care for knee pain is an outstanding alternative to using prescription and over-the-counter painkillers to cover up the pain symptoms. With chiropractic treatment, you can receive care that will focus on the underlying causes of your knee pain rather than a treatment that focuses on masking your pain. 

When you come in to see us here at Elevate Chiropractic and Wellness Center, our chiropractic team will put together a plan that is focused on your individual treatment needs. Each individual comes to us with different circumstances and so this is of top importance. The plan that we implement for you will utilize the concept of Chiropractic Biophysics or CBP. This method is effective at treating knee pain in ways that include:

  • Since spinal issues such as misalignment are often at the root of knee pain, chiropractic adjustments focused there can often provide relief of knee pain.
  • Our team at Elevate Chiropractic and Wellness Center might recommend corrections to your posture that can help you to more evenly distribute your weight. This can have the effect of lessening the stress that is placed on the knee.
  • Our chiropractic professionals can provide knee and hip manipulations that can help to reduce inflammation and to mobilize the joints of the knee.
  • We can also offer complementary treatments that include myofascial release and trigger point therapy. These methods can help to alleviate stress on the knee. They can also help to improve the ability for vital nutrients to flow into the soft tissue around the knee.

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Should I See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain?

If you are constantly dealing with knee pain that makes it hard for you to get through your daily routine, then seeking the experienced treatment that our chiropractic team can offer is a decision that can help to dramatically improve the quality of your life. Knee pain can make it difficult for you to even get out of bed in the morning and it can make it impossible for you to engage in the amount of physical activity that you would like to. All of these factors contribute to why you should seek out chiropractic care for your chronic knee pain.

Can a Chiropractor Help Torn Meniscus?

Suffering from a torn meniscus is a condition that can cause you a lot of concern. Your meniscus is the thin piece of cartilage that is situated in the joint of your knee between your tibia and your femur. This cartilage provides a cushion to your knee joint when you walk, run and jump. Meniscus tears can occur as a result of high-impact activity but it is also possible for it to degenerate over time. The pain from a torn meniscus is generally localized to the area of your knee and it will often get worse when you engage in squatting and twisting motions.

Though a torn meniscus can be a concerning condition to suffer from, the good news is that chiropractic care can help. There are some tell-tale symptoms that indicate a meniscus tear. These symptoms include:

  • A popping sensation in the knee
  • A decreased range of motion in the knee
  • Swelling around the joint line of the knee
  • You notice a sensation that feels like your knee is locking or giving way
  • You feel a sensation of tenderness when the joint line of the knee is palpitated

If you have suffered from a mild to moderate tear of your meniscus, we can utilize conservative chiropractic techniques to effectively treat the condition. These treatments include:

  • The Graston Technique – An instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy that our chiropractic professionals can utilize in the treatment of tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and fascia.
  • Active Release – We can also use the active release technique to treat a torn meniscus. It is another proven soft tissue therapy that can treat issues with ligaments and tendons as well as muscles, and nerves.
  • Rehabilitation Exercises – We can also prescribe you chiropractic rehabilitation exercises that will help during your recovery from a torn meniscus.

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The Chiropractic Solution to Knee Pain

The chiropractic solution to knee pain is favored by many patients as an alternative to using pain killers to deal with the issue. Chiropractic treatment can help to normalize joint function as well as assisting with the reduction of pain and joint inflammation.

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