The 12WT is a fully immersive look into your current health. We will do nutritional testing, postural analysis, X-rays, and perform a movement assessment. After being evaluated we provide you with resources for success:

  • In office care centered on pain relief and increasing function as required to overcome your specific health issues
  • Lifetime access to our online home care resources
  • Accountability so you can finally win!!!

We use the word TRANSFORM because we don’t want you to change.  Change infers that you can change back.  We want you to totally TRANSFORM into the healthy, vital person you are designed to be!

The Facts:

5 out of 6 people in KY are going to DIE from heart disease or cancer. 5 out of 6!!! How can you be the 1 out of 6? Take action. This can be your first step in beating the odds! ***

How it affects YOU:

With these statistics, clearly the perception of health in our great state needs change. We want to help you to stop the lifestyle cycle of dysfunction that causes your problems and pain to progressively get worse and worse.

Ignoring these painful warning signals or covering them up with drugs can ruin even the everyday joys of life we take for granted. Left uncorrected, spine and joint problems can make it impossible to sit in the stands at events; needing to frequently stand up and move to avoid stiffness and discomfort, create clicking of joints any time you move, and make tasks that used to be easy to complete practically impossible.  Pain is common, but it is not normal. Left alone usually leads to a health crisis.

Take Action, Join our Mission!

Change starts with one person. That person is you. This is your chance to relieve pain, avert disaster, and create a healthy future. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Fill out this information, get some relief, and begin building the life you were born to live.

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