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At Elevate Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we understand that you are sick of living your life with constant pain. Regardless of whether you have been suffering from pain for a few days or it has been an ongoing problem for many years, we have the knowledge, experience, and the dedication to make a difference for you. Our chiropractic team is experienced at providing treatments that will make a dramatic difference in how you live your life. We will work tirelessly to help you to achieve a state of wellness through the treatments that we offer. Our goal is to help you feel better, to treat you like family and to make sure your day-to-day life is improved.. When you schedule an appointment with us, you will see why we have developed a reputation as one of the leaders of chiropractic care in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Christian Rosevear D.C. was featured in Lexington’s TOPS magazine!

What Our Patients Say:

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors offer their patients treatment methods for the aches, strains, and pains that they are experiencing. Today’s chiropractic professionals do not prescribe medication for pain and instead think in an outside the box method to come up with ways to treat the patients that they serve. For example, at Elevate Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we focus on our well aligned testing and supplementation line for a total health transformation. Some of the treatments and methods that a professional chiropractor will often prescribe for their patients include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments – Chiropractic adjustments are used as a method of gently realigning the joints which allows for proper nerve flow between the brain and the body. Proper communication allows for increased health potential.
  • Massage Therapy – Soft-tissue therapy is used by chiropractors to help patients to relax tight muscles. It can also be used to release tension within the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles as well as for the relief of spasms.
  • Various Stretches and Exercises – Chiropractors can also prescribe patients different stretches and exercises that they can use to restore and maintain their range of motion and their mobility.

Professional Referrals – Chiropractors can also help their patients by providing them with referrals to integrative medicine professionals that can provide guidance on nutritional practices to help to reduce inflammation as well as promoting weight loss.

Our Wellness Center Can Help You

If you have had enough of having to live your life with constant neck pain, back pain, or headaches, there is help available here in Lexington, Kentucky. At Elevate Chiropractic & Wellness Center we focus on helping our patients to get closer to the goals that they have. We work with a wide variety of patients that come to us looking for help in alleviating the pain that is causing their quality of life to suffer. We also work with patients that are simply looking to enjoy exceptional health. 

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To schedule an appointment all you need to do is, call us or sign up online and we will schedule a time for you to come in and see our team.

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Once you're here, we'll use our modern chiropractic technology to evaluate your situation, compare them with your goals, and put together a personalized plan.

Step 3:
Stick With Your Wellness Plan

During your visit our team will come up with a wellness plan that will help address each of your pains. Follow our plans and feel better!

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Frequently Asked Chiropractic Questions:

Fibromyalgia is a very common condition that affects your bones and muscles. It is frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Its classic symptoms are widespread muscle and joint pain and fatigue. There’s no cure. But a combination of chiropractic services, exercise, medication, managing your stress, and other healthy habits may ease your symptoms enough that you can live a normal, active life. Ask Dr. Rosevear D.C. about his Fibromyalgia treatments.

When you arrive at Elevate for the first time, you’ll be taken care of right away by our exceptional staff. After a small amount of paperwork, someone from the team will ask you some questions and take a look at your condition to get a better understanding of you, your situation, and your goals.

Once this is done, Dr. Rosevear D.C. will meet with you and put together a plan to bring your overall health and wellness to the next level.

You’ll then start your first treatment as an Elevate patient! This includes adjustments, stretches, exercises, and more.

The team will let you know what needs to be done to reach your goals, so all you’ll need to do after this is simply follow through with your plan.

Extensive research has been done on the topic of chiropractic care and it has shown that it is safe and useful for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, headaches and more. Conditions such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis may also respond favorably to chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatments work on the concept that when the body’s musculoskeletal structure, and in particular, the spine is properly aligned, the body can heal itself without the patient having to resort to methods such as prescription medication and surgery. Today’s professional chiropractors provide treatment primarily as an alternative to pain relief for bones, joints, connective tissues, and muscles. Chiropractic care can also be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments for these areas of the body.

Patients are often concerned about the costs that are associated with receiving chiropractic treatment. Our team here at Elevate Chiropractic & Wellness Center wants to point out that depending on the specific type of treatment required, a trip to visit us can be an affordable one that does not leave you feeling overwhelmed financially. 

We Work With Clients That Do Not Have Insurance: Generally speaking, the chiropractic services that we offer will range anywhere from $30 to $200 for each consultation. It is important to note that each type of treatment has a different cost that is associated with it. Typically, the average therapy session will run you around $65. If you require intensive care treatments then the price can be greater. The cost of treatment is also dependent on the frequency of your sessions. 

Chiropractic Treatment With Insurance Coverage: For patients that have insurance that covers the costs of chiropractic treatment, the amount of money that you have to spend out of pocket can be reduced significantly. Prior to visiting us here at Elevate Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we encourage you to inquire if we can accept your insurance plan. If we do accept your insurance, it can help you to lower the costs involved with visiting your trusted Lexington chiropractor.

Generally speaking, if you are someone who suffers from back, neck, or knee pain from an unexplained cause, you could benefit from the treatments that we offer here at Elevate Chiropractic & Wellness Center. The treatments that we offer can also benefit patients that regularly suffer from migraines and tension headaches. We also regularly see patients that suffer from fatigue, digestive issues, chronic pain, numbness, tingling, muscle aches, and more. All of these issues can benefit from undergoing the treatments that we provide to our patients here in Lexington, Kentucky.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move your arms and torso freely. Patients will remain fully clothed during a treatment. Clothing will not interfere with the process. We do recommend that women avoid wearing dresses and skirts to their chiropractic adjustment as it is often necessary to manipulate the placement of the knees and legs. It is also recommended to avoid wearing any clothing that limits your range of motion such as tight-fitting jeans. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers or sturdy flats. It is important to avoid shoes that could come off of the feet easily. Heels are also not recommended for when you come into your appointment. 

If you are coming in for massage therapy, you might have to remove some clothing but general chiropractic treatment will not require this. It is recommended that you remove any jewelry and accessories that could get in the way during a chiropractic adjustment. 

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